From ebooks to paperbacks to audiobooks, FinnStar’s authors deliver exciting stories guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, yell, and fall in love.

We are a small, Northern Virginia-based publishing company focused on women’s fiction, women’s memoir, and select young adult books.


In our adult division, we are currently accepting submissions of previously unpublished women’s fiction, chick lit, woman-focused self-help, and women’s memoir from both agented and unagented authors.

In our Young Adult division, we are accepting submissions of previously unpublished contemporary and fantasy novels from both agented and unagented authors.

FinnStar offers both an advance and structured royalty payments. While we are small, we firmly believe in authors being paid for their work, the power of marketing, and publishing books of the highest caliber.

Authors: for submission, please send a brief a query of no more than 250 words and a bio. Please let us know if you have been previously published either traditionally or as an indie author.

Agents: please submit a standard industry submission package.

All submissions should be sent to

We try to respond to all queries in four to six weeks.

Book Packaging Opportunities

We are currently looking for strong writers to work on our in-house generated ideas. If you are interested in working with us, we ask that you send a one-chapter sample of no more than fifteen pages to review. If your submission captures us, we will reach out with a story idea for a longer sample. *Please note: we only pay for the finished project, not samples.*

Inquiries should be sent to caroline@finnstarpublishing with the subject “Book Packaging.”

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